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Goto City Drone
Logistics Demonstration


Feb. 9th–Mar. 8th, 2022

Location Location

Goto, Nagasaki

Toward the social implementation of drone delivery service in Goto City, Nagasaki Prefecture, Soraya, together with ANA Holdings Inc., conducted a demonstration of drone delivery of food and daily necessities from Fukue Island to smaller islands, Kabashima and Hisakajima. In this initiative, Soraya operators were trained by ANA Holdings, Inc., and together conducted logistics drone operations for the implementation of island-to-island, or “over the sea”, logistics services. For a period of one month starting from Wednesday, February 9, 2022, food, daily necessities and medical supplies ordered by islanders on secondary islands were delivered by a multi copter from Fukue Island, where Daikyo Value Fukue Store (grocey store) , a cooperating company in this demonstration, and pharmacies are located, to Kabashima and Hisakajima, where the order recipients live. The items were delivered near their homes, even on the same day they have been ordered, which was unusual for the lives on these remote islands. To make the drone delivery service into practical use, it is essential to have a system that can be operated by local operators, which at the moment is not the case for most of the initiatives done today. To be the local operators of the drone delivery we were able to establish a system that will enable us to provide this service on a permanent basis. Project name: FY2021 Goto City Drone i-Land Project: Unmanned Inter-island Logistics Demonstration Project Click here for project details Press Release: Press Release

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