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Mission Statement / Corporate Philosophy

With new technology and compassion, we will spread gentle changes in people's lives from familiar places.

Update people's lives in the positive direction.

First of all, we will expand from the familiar city of Goto, then to all over Japan and the world.

​​​ We will create a society where people can live more comfortably by connecting people with a gentle connection.

Cooperation, not division.

By connecting people and services, inconvenience is convenient and loneliness is relieved.

In particular, we will work to protect the future of depopulated areas.

We strive to be kind and comfortable.

Recognizing that it is important for us to have a sense of comfort in order to bring a sense of comfort to people's lives.

We will make every effort to make our work environment and daily life more comfortable.

Action Fundamentals

Think about each person's life, think about how to enrich that life, and act.

An experience you can imagine
Let's meet and listen to people and increase them.

Create and accomplish a job that you can be proud of and enjoy yourself.

I don't do work that I can't be proud of.

I don't work with unbelievable quality.

Think through. To challenge.

Think about how you can do it, not why you can't.

Doubt the premise, doubt the common sense, keep asking what the essence is.

Believe in intuition and back with data.

Even if you think about the reason why you can't do it, it doesn't create any value.

Remember to grow each day and take action.

Be aware that the impact of one person's growth is not small.

Be honest.

You can make a mistake, but if you make a mistake, you will admit the mistake.

Honesty is the soil of growth.

Be honest with your clients, your peers, and yourself.

Become a human resource who can be entrusted with work from the bottom of my heart.

Mission Statement: テキスト
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